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What is a warehouse made of?

Materials Used in Warehouse Construction

Warehouses are structures designed to store products and goods before, during, and after transportation. Typically, they are very large structures which are made in a simplistic yet effective design. Most warehouses are found on industrial estates, where they offer convenience for customers and companies to drop off and pick up their goods. But what exactly are warehouses made of?



The main structure of a warehouse is typically made from steel. The steel is in the form of interlocking poles and pipes, which are then welded together to create a tall yet durable frame for the cladding and roof to be affixed to. Other metals, such as Iron and aluminium are also commonly used during the construction of a warehouse. As the frame needs to withstand heavy loads and external weather factors, such as strong winds and freezing temperatures, steel is typically the go-to choice.


Fibreglass is most often used to build the roof of the warehouse. It is a lightweight material, which is also resistant to many harsh weather conditions and can allow natural light to enter the structure from above. Fibreglass is also cheap and easy to replace should it become damaged. Most warehouses use this material for the roof and certain walls where light may be required.


Wood is most commonly used to help form the floor and internal walls of a warehouse. It is rare to find a structure with wooden walls and roofing as it is heavy, expensive, and can be worn away by weather over the years. It is, however, durable and often used for building internal walls, shelves, and storage areas.


Corrugated plastic is the most commonly used material when building a warehouse. Its main benefits are that it is cheap and readily available, lightweight, durable, and very easy to replace or maintain. Plastic will typically form the walls and at times the roof of the warehouse. It is also used as a form of cladding, which is placed on the external walls for a more decorative appearance.

While the above are just a small selection of materials a warehouse is built of, they are the four most commonly found ones. Other materials, such as rubber, PVC, glass, and stone are also used in the construction of a warehouse. However, the quantities used are minimal compared to the main four, thus they have not made the main part of what a warehouse is made from.

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