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How is your warehouse space sourced?

We’ve developed an extensive database of warehouse keepers over the 40+ years we’ve been in the industry, meaning it has organically grown over time. As we are a leader in the warehouse space market, we are contacted by Suppliers with spare capacity to find them a client/customer.

Why do other companies charge to advertise?

We like to offer value to our clients and believe a free advertising service allows customers looking for storage space for pallets and goods a wider range of options.

What can be stored in your warehouse space?

That very much depends on the individual warehouse. Some storage facilities specialise in frozen or chilled goods, whereas others can store more unusual products such as hazardous chemicals and explosive goods. By working proactively with you and discussing what you want to store, we can ensure the facility is suitable for all parties.

Where are our warehouse partners?

We can find flexible storage solutions to suit your needs anywhere in the UK or Ireland.

Is there a minimum storage size?

No, you can store a few pallets for a short period, or thousands of pallets on a fixed term contract. Nothing is too small or too complex. We handle all types of enquiries for all types of products.

Is the storage managed?

It’s your choice, we can find flexible storage either fully managed on your behalf or self-managed.

Is there a list of the types of warehouses that can be provided?

This is by no means comprehensive, as we can work to very specific requirements:

  • Bulk storage
  • High bay
  • Cross docking
  • Parcel platforms
  • Hanging garments
  • Wet and dry bond
  • Chilled food
  • Industrial units
  • Consolidation centres
  • Ambient food and non-food
  • Frozen food warehousing
  • Automated and mechanised
  • Multi temperature warehousing
  • Shelving and multi-level picking
  • Wide and narrow aisle racked space

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